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Vouchers 2019

As of 1. january 2019 there are restrictions in use of vouchers. Vouchers can be used by:


  • Companies which have entered into corporate contracts for ferries with Troms fylkestrafikk


  • Norwegian municipal, county municipal and governmental agencies/entities, e.g.:       


  • Kindergardens and schools (private or public)
  • Patient travel
  • Reception centres for asylum seekers
  • The Norwegian Armed Forces
  • The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)
  • The University hospital of Northern Norway (UNN)



The following means of payment will be accepted on buses, express boats and ferries in Troms County:




  • Tickets in the mobile app Troms Mobillett
  • The travel card Tromskort: using credit (which may be topped up in our online store) or a valid period ticket. You can pay by credit card in our online store.
  • Cash (NOK - Norwegian currency only)
  • Credit cards (limited, especially for payment on buses)

If you have any questions about pay ment you can contact our customer service centre on tel. +47 777 88 777. Use the travel card Tromskort or the mobile app Troms Mobillett to obtain the best discounts.

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