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Tourist information - city buses in Tromso

City buses run within the city of Tromsø from early morning to late night seven days a week. There is also a night bus service on Friday and Saturday nights from the city centre to selected parts of Tromsø.

City buses

City buses run within the city of Tromsø from around 06.00 (6am) to midnight on Monday to Friday. There are one to four departures every hour with the highest frequency during peak hours (morning and afternoon) Monday to Friday. In Tromsø Saturdays and sundays from around 01.30 (1.30am) there also is a night bus service.


Tickets may be purchased on board the buses, but please note cash payments only in NOK.

  • Single tickets bought onboard the bus cost NOK 50 for (20-66) and NOK 25 for children/youth (4-19) and seniors (67+).
  • A day ticket (valid for 24 hours) purchased onboard the bus costs NOK 100 for adults and NOK 50 for seniors/children.
  • You can also get tickets from ticket machine placed here:
    • F2 - Fr. Langesgt. F2 (by/Kiwi)

• S1 - Sjøgata S1 (by/Peppes)
• Giæverbukta terminal
• UiT The arctic university of Norway
• UNN - Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge (University Hospital of Northern Norway)
• Troms fylkestrafikks customer service at Prostneset

Pre-purchased tickets are often cheaper:

- A pre-purchased single ticket costs NOK 33 for adults and NOK 19 for children/youth (4-19)/seniors (67+).
- A pre-purchased day ticket (valid for 24 hours) cost NOK 100 for adults and NOK 50 for children/youth (4-19)/seniors (67+).
- A seven-days ticket (valid for 168 hours) cost NOK 240 for adults and NOK 120 for children/youth (4-19)/seniors (67+)

If using a pre-purchased ticket, please remember to validate the ticket when you board the bus. Scan your ticket on the ticket machine at the front or rear entrance of the bus.

Passengers with special needs

A concession fare (50% of the ordinary fare) is available to seniors (over 67) and blind/disabled passengers with a concession card from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).
Guide dogs and companions of blind/disabled passengers may travel free of charge.
Most city buses are accessible for wheelchair users.

Pets, prams, wheelchairs, bikes and skis

It is possible to bring pets, such as cats and dogs, on buses as long as you keep your pet under control. If your pet is on your lap, it travels free of charge. If it requires floor place then you will be required to pay a children’s fare for your pet.

Prams and skis are free of charge, as well as wheelchairs, walking frames and small children’s bikes.

A child fare is charged for an adult’s bike.

Pre-purchased tickets, one-day tickets and seven-day tickets are sold at the following places:

Troms fylkestrafikk Customer Service Centre (Samuel Arnesens gt.5, Tromsø Havneterminal)

WITO-kiosk (Storgata 68)
Narvesen Stortorget (Main Square in Tromsø city centre)
Jekta Storsenter - Information counter
Narvesen K1
Narvesen UNN (University Hospital of Northern Norway)
MIX Kiosk - UiT The Arctic University of Norway
MIX Kiosk - AMFI Pyramiden, Tromsdalen
Narvesen Krokensentret


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