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Tourist information - city buses in Tromso

City buses

City buses run within the city of Tromsø from around 06.00 (6am) to midnight on Monday to Friday. There are one to four departures every hour with the highest frequency during peak hours (morning and afternoon) Monday to Friday. In Tromsø Saturdays and sundays from around 01.30 (1.30am) there also is a night bus service.


Tickets may be purchased on board the buses, but please note cash payments only in NOK.

  • Single tickets bought onboard the bus cost NOK 50 for (20-66) and NOK 25 for children/youth (4-19) and seniors (67+).
  • A day ticket (valid for 24 hours) purchased onboard the bus costs NOK 100 for adults and NOK 50 for seniors/children.
  • You can also get tickets from ticket machine placed here:
    • F2 - Fr. Langesgt. F2 (by/Kiwi)

• S1 - Sjøgata S1 (by/Peppes)
• Giæverbukta terminal
• UiT The arctic university of Norway
• UNN - Universitetssykehuset Nord-Norge (University Hospital of Northern Norway)
• Troms fylkestrafikks customer service at Prostneset

Pre-purchased tickets are often cheaper:

- A pre-purchased single ticket costs NOK 33 for adults and NOK 19 for children/youth (4-19)/seniors (67+).
- A pre-purchased day ticket (valid for 24 hours) cost NOK 100 for adults and NOK 50 for children/youth (4-19)/seniors (67+).
- A seven-days ticket (valid for 168 hours) cost NOK 240 for adults and NOK 120 for children/youth (4-19)/seniors (67+)

If using a pre-purchased ticket, please remember to validate the ticket when you board the bus. Scan your ticket on the ticket machine at the front or rear entrance of the bus.

Passengers with special needs

A concession fare (50% of the ordinary fare) is available to seniors (over 67) and blind/disabled passengers with a concession card from the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV).
Guide dogs and companions of blind/disabled passengers may travel free of charge.
Most city buses are accessible for wheelchair users.

Pets, prams, wheelchairs, bikes and skis

It is possible to bring pets, such as cats and dogs, on buses as long as you keep your pet under control. If your pet is on your lap, it travels free of charge. If it requires floor place then you will be required to pay a children’s fare for your pet.

Prams and skis are free of charge, as well as wheelchairs, walking frames and small children’s bikes.

A child fare is charged for an adult’s bike.

Pre-purchased tickets, one-day tickets and seven-day tickets are sold at the following places:

Troms fylkestrafikk Customer Service Centre (Samuel Arnesens gt.5, Tromsø Havneterminal)

WITO-kiosk (Storgata 68)
Narvesen Stortorget (Main Square in Tromsø city centre)
Jekta Storsenter - Information counter
Narvesen K1
Narvesen UNN (University Hospital of Northern Norway)
MIX Kiosk - UiT The Arctic University of Norway
MIX Kiosk - AMFI Pyramiden, Tromsdalen
Narvesen Krokensentret


Download route map for City buses.     

Click here to find bus stops in Tromsø city centre

Click here to use our travel planner



We will provide notifications of all major service disruptions 24/7 all year round. Service messages are published on the norwegian home page of the Tromskortet website and on our Facebook page. All service messages are in norwegian.


Unfortunately, we are not always informed about everything that occurs in the traffic, so notifications are based on the information we receive. We do not usually provide notifications of minor delays for city bus routes during rush hour traffic.


Cargo and baggage

Every passenger who purchases a ticket is entitled to take 20 kg of hand baggage. Any excess baggage will be charged as cargo. Heavier or larger items are transported subject to available space and at the discretion of the crew/staff.

The price list for baggage over and above hand baggage is based on the tariff regulations and is calculated per item:


0-1 kg             NOK 100 per item

1-10 kg           NOK 150 per item

10-20 kg         NOK 200 per item


In the event of damage to cargo for which carriage has been paid, the carrier is liable for the loss or damage of the goods from placement on the bus until arrival at the destination, unless the loss or damage is due to an error or negligence by the passenger. Claims for compensation should be submitted as soon as possible.


Prams, bicycles, kick sleds, dogs, etc.

Passengers may bring prams and bicycles with them providing the driver believes there is sufficient space. Prams may be transported free of charge by the paying customer, while an additional ticket must be purchased for a bicycle and kick sled. Dogs can travel free of charge on citybuses in Tromsø and Harstad.

Prams may be transported if there is sufficient space, and must be placed in accordance with signs or driver’s instructions. Bicycles may only be transported if there is sufficient space and such transportation is safe. Such decisions are at the driver’s discretion. Groups and school classes with bicycles must contact the transport company in advance to clarify if such transportation is possible.


The means of transport is not obliged to transport live animals except guide dogs and police dogs. Due to issues relating to allergies, fur-bearing animals (dogs, cats, etc.) are not permitted on our regional bus routes (routes 100-160).

Pets are permitted on local buses providing there is space and it is not a nuisance for the other passengers. Animals must be secured on a leash or in a cage during transport and must not prevent free passage. Animals that make a lot of noise or behave in an aggressive manner towards other passengers will be removed from the bus.


On express boat route 2 (Tromsø-Finnsnes-Harstad), two dog travel cages are located behind the kiosk on each boat. On the routes 3 (Tromsø-Skjevøy), 4 (Tromsø-Lysnes-Tennskjær-Vikran) and 6 (Harstad-Bjarkøy-South Senja), there are two dog travel cages in the cargo area (with heat and light). Dog may be placed in these travel cages during the crossing. Passengers are required to sit in the cabin as there is no seating by the travel cages.


The main reason for animals being placed behind the cabin is out of the consideration to passengers with animal-related allergies. If the number of dogs exceeds the number of cages, passengers must provide their own travel cage. The boats may not transport more dogs than there are cages for. During the summer on routes 3, 4 and 6 dogs may also be transported in privately-owned travel cages on the back deck.


Consumption of food and drink

Passengers are permitted to consume food and non-alcoholic drinks they have bought with them on buses, boats and ferries in Troms County. Food and drinks that emit odour or create a mess may only be consumed on modes of transport with a café and the sale of refreshments on board. Hot food and drinks may pose a challenge in the event of abrupt stops so we ask that such food/drinks are stored in containers with lids. Non-alcoholic drinks are permitted in bottles with screw tops. Please dispose of all waste in the rubbish bins provided. If you are in doubt, please look for the signs below or ask the driver.



Our travel card (Tromskort) is our preferred means of payment, and may be used on all public transport in Troms County except summer ferry routes. You can top up your travel card with credit as follows:

Online store – desired amount

Customer service centres/buses – minimum NOK 400

Express boats – minimum NOK 1,000

Ferries – minimum NOK 1,000

Troms mobillett is our payment solution via our mobile app and may be used on all public transport in Troms County. However this app will in some cases not work if youre phone is registered with a phone number outside of Norway.

Cash payment is possible in Norwegian kroner or Euro (€ - notes only) on all buses, boats and ferries in Troms County.

Bank cards are not accepted on city busses in Tromsoe lines 20-44 and in Harstad lines 10-18. On most means of transport in Troms County bank cards are accepted, but not all.

Credit cards: Visa and Mastercard are accepted on regional bus routes 100, 110 and 150 for purchases over NOK 50. Credit cards are accepted on all express boat routes except Skaaskjær (route 5).



You will find waiting rooms for public transport in Troms County in the following places:

North Troms

  • Storslett
  • Skjervøy
  • Rotsund

Central Troms

  • Finnsnes Express Boat Terminal

  • Brøstadbotn Quay

  • Lysnes Quay

  • Tennskjær Quay

  • Buktamo Kro

  • Storsteinnes


Harstad and South Troms

  • Harstad Port Terminal

  • Engenes Quay

  • Skrolsvik Quay



  • Tromsø Havneterminal

  • Giæverbukta



Opening hours for waiting areas:

Tromsø Havneterminal (bus and express boat):

Monday - Sunday

05.30 - 02.00 (5.30am – 2am)

Finnsnes Bus and Express Boat Terminal:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

06.30 - 18.30

(6.30am - 6.30pm)

Thursday and Friday

06.30 - 21.30

(6.30am - 9.30pm)


08.00 - 17.00

(8am - 5pm)


16.00 - 21.30

(4pm - 9.30pm)


Harstad Port Terminal (bus and express boat):


06.30 - 19.30 (6.30am - 7.30pm)



06.30 - 19.30 (6.30am - 7.30pm)



06.30 - 19.30 (6.30am - 7.30pm)



06.30 - 19.30 (6.30am - 7.30pm)



06.30 - 19.30 (6.30am - 7.30pm)



10.30 - 15.00 (10.30am - 3pm)



12.45 - 20.30 (12.45pm - 8.30pm)


Opening hours are subject to change on public holidays. Any changes will be announced in advance.



Passengers may use the short-term baggage storage lockers at the following terminals: Customer Service Centre at Prostneset in Tromsø, Harstad Express Boat Terminal, Finnsnes Express Boat Terminal and the bus terminal in Storslett.

NB: It is the customer’s responsibility to collect their baggage before the waiting room closes. Special afterhours call-outs to unlock lockers are performed by security companies. A fee of NOK 937.50 applies for this service, and the customer must present valid ID.

Securitas Tromsø: duty phone +47 77 65 49 50 
Securitas Harstad: duty phone +47 77 06 80 40



School pupils

Primary school pupils may travel to and from school without a companion.


Young children travelling on scheduled bus services

Pre-schoolers must be under the supervision of a companion aged 14 or over for the full duration of the trip.


Unaccompanied children travelling by express boat

Children travelling alone by express boat must be at least seven years of age. All unaccompanied children under the age of 12 must hand a completed registration form to the crew on board the express boat.

Registration form from Boreal Transport for children TRAVELLING ALONE


Is your child ready to travel alone?

As a parent, you are the one who best knows your child’s limitations and ability to cope with unexpected events. As such, the child’s age alone is not always sufficient to determine whether the child is suited to travel alone or supervise another child. We recommend that all unaccompanied children have the phone number of a parent/guardian available in case the trip does not go as planned. It’s a good idea to accompany your child on the same route before he/she embarks on the journey alone. We recommend you advise your child to ask the crew if they are unsure of something.



Travel guarantee for buses from Troms fylkestrafikk (TFT)

The travel guarantee applies on all ordinary bus routes operated on commission from TFT. This guarantee does not apply on ferries and express boats. We are unable to offer a refund if the service disruption has been announced in advance, or you know or should have known that the reason for the delay is beyond the control of TFT and our operators.


Please check that timetables are valid and that they come via TFT’s official channels. Some bus routes only operate on days when schools are open, while there may also be changes to timetables during the summer months, over Christmas/New Year/Easter and on other public holidays.


The travel guarantee does not apply:

  • If the delay or cancellation is due to circumstances outside the carrier’s control, such as extreme weather conditions or natural disasters, etc.

  • There is 20 minutes or less until the next scheduled departure

  • In the event of unexpected problems with the road and traffic conditions

  • In the event of statutory orders and injunctions, strikes

  • To consequential damages resulting from the delay, e.g. that you miss a dentist appointment, business appointment or a flight

  • In the event of a late departure to a corresponding bus/boat


In the event of delays, we will:

  • Give you the best possible information about what is happening

  • Give you information at the earliest possible time about alternative transport/routes

  • Attempt to set up alternative means of transport

In cases where alternative transport cannot be offered, we will reimburse taxi fares or pay a car allowance if the bus departure from your stop is delayed by more than:

  • 20 min. on trips of under 1 hour: up to NOK 500

  • 40 min. on trips of between 1 and 2 hours: up to NOK 750

  • 60 min. on trips of over 2 hours: up to NOK 1,000


If you need to swap buses during your trip, please allow at least five minutes for the transfer in addition to any time to walk between the bus stops.


Apply for reimbursement of taxi fare or car allowance via our contact form


  • Upload a scanned copy or photo of your taxi receipt. Please retain the original until your case is settled. If several people travelled together, one person should submit a joint claim on behalf of the group. If you have shared the expenses, it is up to the group to divide the reimbursed amount proportionately.

  • Enter the driving distance on the form. We will only reimburse a distance-based car allowance in accordance with the current Norwegian state travel rates. Passenger surcharges, road tolls, parking and ferry tickets, etc. will not be reimbursed. If several people travelled in the same vehicle, only the driver may apply for reimbursement of the car allowance.


For claims to be valid, you must complete and submit a travel guarantee form within one month of the event. Your right to compensation will not apply if you have provided incorrect information.
We will respond to your claim as soon as possible and no later than four weeks after receiving it.
Please note that we do not transfer reimbursements for taxi fares and/or car allowances to foreign accounts.
If you require help to fill in the form, please contact our Customer Service Centre.
The travel guarantee is a national scheme administered by the Norwegian Public Transport Organisation and NHO Transport.


As a customer, you may appeal against our decision. If you register a complaint to Troms fylkestrafikk (TFT), your case will be reassessed. You may also complain about the result of this reassessment.




Ticket inspection on buses, express boats and ferries


As of 1 January 2017, NOKAS performs ticket inspections in Troms County on behalf of Troms fylkestrafikk (TFT).


You must have a valid ticket for the entire trip and valid ID even if you have a Tromskort with your name and photo on it. Failure to produce this on request may lead to a fine.


For school pupils with free transport to and from school, your school card acts as a valid ticket.  Cards for Ungdom Total (Youth total) and Fylkesbillett (County ticket) must contain the holder’s name, date of birth and photo. This requirement does not apply for other ticket products. However, holders of tickets/cards for all categories must be able to produce valid ID if they have purchased a discounted ticket based on age or are entitled to a concession ticket.

Beneficiaries under 67 years of age who are entitled to a concession ticket must be able to produce supplementary information from the Norwegian Directorate of Labour and Welfare (NAV).

As of 1 February 2012, the following applies on public transport in Troms County:

If you are unable to produce a valid ticket, travel product on your travel card or in the App Troms mobillett in the event of a ticket inspection, you will be fined a sum equivalent to double the ticket price for the trip, minimum NOK 750.


Invalid tickets will be confiscated. In the event of forged tickets or cards, the fine increases to NOK 1,500. If any fines incurred are not paid on the spot, TFT may add a surcharge of NOK 200 to cover administrative costs. The attempted forgery of tickets is a criminal offence and may be reported to the Police.



Passengers entitled to discounted tickets due to age, compulsory military service, benefit, disability or as a companion must be able to produce valid ID


Approved forms of ID are:

  • Driving licence

  • Passport

  • Bank card with photo or the Post Office’s ID card

  • Soldiers may produce a valid military service book/military ID card 

  • Beneficiaries under 67 years of age must produce ID from the Norwegian Directorate of Labour and Welfare (NAV)

  • Blind passengers must produce ID issued by the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Partially Sighted

  • Companions for blind/deaf-blind passengers must have a Companion card


You must purchase a full-priced ticket if you are unable to produce adequate ID to qualify for a discounted ticket. The difference will not be reimbursed retrospectively.

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