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Travel in Troms using our travel card - Tromskortet (Troms card)

A Troms Card is a plastic card you top up with tickets or pay-as-you-go credit. You can buy a new (empty) travel card in several kiosks in Tromsø and at our customer service centres in Harstad and Tromsø. You can also buy and top up the card on board at our ferries, high speed vessels and regional buses. A new travelcard costs NOK 50. Take good care of your card. It can be reused!

Validate your travelcard at a card reader every time you travel, and the price for one journey will automatically be deducted from your pay-as-you-go credit.

Top up your travelcard
Top up your travelcard with new tickets or pay-as-you-go credit when your card is empty. You can top up your card in ticket machines in Tromsø and Harstad and several kiosks, or at our customer service. You can also top up your card here at our webshop (Visa and Master cards)


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