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Travel as much as you want in Troms og Finnmark County with the Summer Ticket

Enjoy unlimited travel on the buses and boats operated by Troms Fylkestrafikk and Snelandia this summer. Explore everywhere from Tjeldsund in the south to the North Cape in the north – and all the exciting, beautiful and wild places in between.

Unlimited travel for seven days

The Summer Ticket provides unlimited travel for seven days and costs NOK 990 for adults and NOK 495 for children/seniors. Children under 6 already travel free when accompanying an adult. The Summer Ticket is on sale from 1 June to 24 August and is valid for seven days from the date of purchase.

Only sold in the app

The Summer Ticket can only be purchased in the “Snelandia Mobillett” or “Troms Billett” app and is valid countywide regardless of which app you choose. The ticket is valid on all buses and express boats operated by Snelandia and Troms Fylkestrafikk. Ferries are already free for passengers travelling without vehicles (except the route from Gryllefjord-Andenes and the passenger boat from Vengsøy).

Share your experiences

We kindly ask all travellers to share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #sommerbilletten, so other people travelling with the Summer Ticket can get good travel tips in Troms og Finnmark County.


The Summer Ticket is a joint initiative between the public transport operators Troms Fylkestrafikk and Snelandia in Troms og Finnmark County and the tourism industry in Northern Norway.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Summer Ticket include?

The Summer Ticket provides unlimited travel on all buses and boats operated by Troms Fylkestrafikk and Snelandia for a seven-day period from the date of purchase. This ticket includes routes that must be ordered in advance (Flexx) but excludes vehicles on ferries.

Do I get a seat guarantee?

The Summer Ticket does not offer a seat guarantee except for on the two Troms Fylkestrafikk bus routes that have seat guarantees: route 100 Narvik-Tromsø and route 150 Tromsø-Alta. You can buy a seat guarantee for express boat route 2 Tromsø-Finnsnes-Harstad at There is normally plenty of space on all the other routes.

What about luggage?

If you bring a lot of luggage, an excess luggage fee may apply. Read more here. Please note that luggage space may be limited on routes that must be ordered in advance (Flexx), which are operated using maxi taxis.

Can I bring my bike and pram?

Passengers may bring prams and bikes with them providing there is sufficient space. Prams are transported free of charge as luggage, but you need to buy an additional ticket for bikes and the like. Check the fares for bikes and the like on buses here: and express boats here:

Can I bring my pet?

The means of transport is not obliged to transport live animals except guide dogs and police dogs. Owing to issues relating to allergies, fur-bearing animals (dogs and cats, etc.) are not permitted on Troms Fylkestrafikk regional bus routes (routes 100-160) or in lounges/seating areas on ferries and express boats.

What about infection control?

It’s important to comply with infection control measures. Check the latest Covid-19 guidelines at

How can I plan my trip?

Use the travel planner on or to plan your trip.

Check these websites for travel tips:

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    • (Norwegian only)
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