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Group travel by express boat

This form is for use for special groups children / youth, and for groups to be invoiced (invoice agreement is required)

You need to fill in one form for each trip (direction).

Special group discount (60%) is for groups of minimum 10 persons where most travellers are children / youth, as kindergarden, schools, sports clubs, voluntary organizations etc. travelling to partisipate in activities for children / youth. Tickets can be payed by cash, card or our Travel Card (Tromskortet). Group trips must be paid as a single joint payment. If you select to pay by invoice, no group discount will be given. The travel card (Tromskortet) does not entitle you to additional discounts beyond the group discount.

Discounts will not be given after travel has been done.

If you have an invoice agreement with us invoice can be sent for groups. Invoice will not give any discount. The form you receive as confirmation must be printed and delivered on the boat. 

Groups travel may not be booked for the 16.15 (4.15pm) departure from Tromsø (boat nr 2) on Thursdays and Fridays, or for the Saturday ticket boat nr 2.

Click SEND when you have filled in the form. The form will then clear and you will receive a confirmation e-mail approximately one week prior to departure.

Please note: Group bookings are not a seat guarantee so it is important to arrive early. 

Group travel by express boat

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