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From the 3rd of May 2021 all ferries (except Gryllefjord-Andenes) will be run on AutoPASS for ferry and there will no longer be possible to use Tromskortet or Troms Billett for payment method. Please read more in the "AutoPASS for ferry" section below. 


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 South Troms  Tromsø Area & Senja  North Troms

 Revsnes - Flesnes

 Hansnes - Karlsøy

 Breivikeidet - Svendby

 Stangnes - Sørrollnes

 Hansnes - Reinøy

 Lyngseidet - Olderdalen

 Stornes - Bjørnerå

 Hansnes - Vannøy (Skåningsbukt)





 Karlsøy - Vannøy (Skåningsbukt)

 Storstein - Lauksundskaret



 Belvik - Vengsøy

 Storstein - Nikkeby



 Vengsøy - Musvær - Risøy - Mjølvik 
 (Lokabåtfunksjon med personbillettering)

 Nikkeby - Lauksundskaret


 Mikkelvik (Mariagården) - Bromnes

 Rotsund - Havnnes

     Brensholmen - Botnhamn

 Rotsund - Uløybukt


 Andenes - Gryllefjord
 (Andøya i Nordland-Senja i Troms) *

 Havnnes - Uløybukt

*) Sesong starter 18.mai / Season starts May 18 - Not a part of Auto PASS for ferry. 

AutoPASS for ferry

AutoPASS for ferry will be introduced in Troms og Finnmark County on 3 May 2021. This page provides answers to many frequently asked questions about AutoPASS.


When will “AutoPASS for ferry” be introduced?

  • 23 April 2021 – only for the ferry connection Brensholmen-Botnhamn
  • 3 May 2021 – for all other ferry connections in Troms og Finnmark County

What is “AutoPASS for ferry”

AutoPASS is a national automatic payment system for road tolls and ferries. You don’t need an agreement or a tag to travel by ferry after 3 May. However, you must enter into a separate “AutoPASS for ferry” agreement to receive discounted prices.


Who does “AutoPASS for ferry” apply for?

“AutoPASS for ferry” applies for all ferry connections in Troms og Finnmark County. It applies to the transport of vehicles including driver. Passengers travel free.


Are there any exceptions?

Yes. You can’t pay by “AutoPASS for ferry” on the summer ferry route no. 180 Andenes-Gryllefjord (which operates from 18 May to 5 September 2021). On this route, you must buy ordinary tickets for both vehicles and passengers/pedestrians and you can pay by debit or credit card, the “Troms Billett” app or travel card.   


Will the ferry prices change?

Yes. The prices will change owing to this. Troms og Finnmark County will become attached to the national AutoPASS fare scale for ferries. The Norwegian parliament, the Storting, is expected to revise this document later this year.  

  • Full price tickets via “AutoPASS for ferry” are more than 20% higher than the previous full price.
  • However, with a prepayment account via “AutoPASS for ferry”, the prices are 20-40% lower than the previous ones.

Scroll further down to see price examples for ordinary passenger vehicles up to 6 m.


How does “AutoPASS for ferry” work?

Vehicles on board are registered by scanning the number plates. In practice, the crew on board scan all the number plates and measure the length of the vehicles. The system then automatically identifies which discount agreement is attached to the vehicle. Any vehicles not attached to discount agreements will be invoiced the full price.


Can I pay on ferries by a means other than AutoPASS?

No. The current ticket system, which enables payment by cash, debit or credit card, travel card, corporate app and “Troms Billett” app, will be replaced by “AutoPASS for ferry”. Therefore, after 3 May 2021, it will only be possible to pay by AutoPASS.


Do I need an AutoPASS tag?

No. You don’t need an AutoPASS tag to travel by ferry in Troms og Finnmark County. However, if you don’t have tag you, will automatically be charged the full price of the ferry crossing for your vehicle. The number plate will be scanned on board, and an invoice will be sent to the registered owner of the vehicle. An invoice will be sent for each ferry ticket. You must have an AutoPASS tag to have a discount agreement.


What is the advantage of an AutoPASS tag?

With an AutoPASS tag, you receive a 10% discount. To receive an AutoPASS tag, you must register an agreement with AutoPASS. Click on this link to register:

When you register, it makes no difference which ferry service provider you choose as the tag issuer.


Do you already have a tag?

If you already have a tag and AutoPASS agreement, you will automatically receive a 10% discount and you don’t need to order a new tag.


What about electric vehicles?

Electric vehicles automatically receive a 50% discount. You don’t need an agreement or a tag. The number plate will be registered on board and you will receive an invoice in the post.


What is the advantage of a prepayment account?

With a prepayment account, private customers receive a 50% discount and corporate customers receive a 40% discount. Remember, before entering into such an agreement, you must have an AutoPASS tag.

You can arrange a prepayment account at:  

With a prepayment account, you pay a set prepaid amount per vehicle:

  • Vehicles in class 1 (0 – 8,0 m): NOK 3,000
  • Vehicles in class 2 (8.01 – 17.5 m): NOK 14,800
  • Vehicles in class 3 (over 17.51 m): NOK 28,000

Discounts will be granted when the tag is in place and the prepaid amount is paid. When you have such an agreement, the cost of the ferry tickets is automatically deducted from the prepaid amount.


How many vehicles can I link to each account?

Private customers can link a maximum of two vehicles to each account, but corporate customers may link an unlimited number of vehicles to each corporate account.


Will I receive an invoice when I have used up the prepaid amount?

You will automatically receive an invoice to top up your account when the balance of your ferry account gets low. You will receive a notification with payment details as soon as the balance of your account is down to 25% of the total set prepaid amount. This will be sent by e-mail, in the post or by e-invoice in your online bank. If you wish to pay another prepaid amount before you receive a new invoice, feel free to use the customer identification number (KID) on the previous invoice.





What happens if your “AutoPASS for ferry” account is empty?

If you travel on a ferry connection that utilises AutoPASS tag payment and your prepaid account is empty, the crossing will be charged to your agreement with the company that issued your tag with a 10% discount.


How do I make the advance payment?

You can pay by one of the following:

  • Invoice in the post
  • Invoice by e-mail
  • Invoice by EHF (companies only)
  • Credit card (companies only)

If you log into My Page, you can check your completed ferry crossings, account balance, invoices and order receipts.


Can I use an AutoPASS ferry card?

No. Even though the AutoPASS ferry card scheme is used in other counties, it does not apply in Troms og Finnmark County. You must have a tag for discount agreements.


Does the tag have any practical function?

The tag is not registered on board. However, everyone with an AutoPASS tag agreement is obliged to install and use tags as specified by the issuer. The tag is proof that the agreement has been entered into and is regulated by the agreement between the customer and the issuer.

It is not possible to have a discount agreement without a tag. Even though the registration is done by scanning number plates, everyone must have a tag in their vehicle. Even though such tags have no practical function in Troms and Finnmark County, you can use the same tag at road toll stations and for other tag-regulated roads, tunnels or ferry connections in Norway.


Can I buy ferry tickets in the “Troms Billett” app after 3 May 2021?

No. You will no longer be able to buy ferry tickets via this app. However, you will still be able to use the app to buy bus and express boat tickets.


Can I buy ferry tickets with my travel card (Tromskortet) after 3 May 2021?

No. After 3 May 2021, this will no longer be a valid means of payment for ferry tickets. However, you will still be able to use your travel card to buy bus and express boat tickets. Please note that AutoPASS will be the only form of payment on the summer ferry connection between Brensholmen and Botnhamn, which starts for the season on 23 April 2021.


What about private customers with a positive balance on their travel card (Tromskortet)?

You are entitled to a refund if you have a positive balance on your travel card (Tromskortet) that you will not be able to use. Please fill out the refund form. Please note that you must fill in all the points marked in red.

Link to the refund form.

Take your travel card, reciept and completed refund form to your closest customer service centre (Tromsø, Finnsnes or Harstad) or send it by post to: Troms og Finnmark fylkeskommune, Troms fylkestrafikk, PO Box 1122, 9261 Tromsø.

NB: If you send your travel card by post, please make a note of the card number in case the letter is not delivered.

You must present a receipt confirming the top-up of your travel credit. You don’t need to present the latest receipt if you can’t find it. The main thing is that the card number and receipt match, so we can be sure that you are the legal owner of the card.


What do I need to enter into a discount agreement?

Everyone wishing to have a discount agreement must have a tag.

See the information above about how to get a tag.

Private and corporate customers are responsible for ensuring that the details stated in the agreement are correct.

The tag cannot be used in vehicles other than those stated in the agreement.

Installation and use of the tag must be in accordance with the instructions given by the issuer of the tag.

You must provide notification of any changes to the vehicle data, e.g. change of the vehicles attached to the agreement or extended length of the vehicle (owing to a trailer or cargo). If you travel with a trailer or cargo without registering this in advance, the crew on board will measure the total length to ensure the payment is correct.

The agreement or tag cannot be transferred to others.


Do people (without vehicles) travel free on ferries?

Yes. Payment is only required for vehicles on ferry connections in Troms og Finnmark County. Passengers/pedestrians do not require a ticket.

The exception is the stretches from Vengsøy to Musvær, Risøy and Mjølvik on route no. 182. In these cases, passengers must purchase tickets because passenger boats that do not carry vehicles are defined as local boat connections. 

Furthermore, the summer ferry route no. 180 Andenes-Gryllefjord (which operates from 18 May to 5 September 2021) does not accept payment by “AutoPASS for ferry”. On this route, you must buy ordinary tickets for both vehicles and passengers/pedestrians and you can pay by debit or credit card, the “Troms Billett” app or travel card.    


Can I pay for discount agreements by debit or credit card?

Skyttel AS is currently working on a credit card solution. However, it is currently only possible to make advance payments via an invoice.


The County Government’s resolution

Prices for public transport are subject to political decision by the Troms og Finnmark County Council. On 15 December 2020, the County Government resolved to adopt the national AutoPASS fare scale for ferries. See:

Møtekalender – Møter – Fylkesrådet (15.12.2020) (

Item: 349/20 (in Norwegian only).


Price examples

Here are some price examples for ordinary passenger vehicles up to 6 m. Troms Fylkestrafikk is not liable for any errors in these pricing tables.


What happens if I lose my tag?

The customer is responsible for the safekeeping and use of the tag. In the event of loss, the customer must notify the issuer of the tag. Please note that tags are not issued by Troms og Finnmark County Council or Troms Fylkestrafikk/Snelandia. For more information, please visit


The driver’s responsibility

The driver of the vehicle is responsible for ensuring that the number plate is visible when driving onto the ferry. The driver must check that the number plate is readable and not covered with road dust, snow or ice, etc. This makes the task easier for the crew on board.  


How is privacy protected?

The purpose of registering personal data about the customer is to be able to implement the agreement about full price or discounted payment for travel on ferries covered by the national solution for “AutoPASS for ferry”.

Photography is used to document the class or length of the vehicle for the discount agreement, or unregulated transits.

Personal data about the customer and transit data will only be used to manage “AutoPASS for ferry”.

Upon entering into the agreement, personal data about the customer will be registered because this is necessary to implement the discount agreement, for correct ticketing and to process any complaints.

Data about each individual transit is erased as quickly as possible after each journey is paid for.

In the event of a dispute over the payment obligation, the data will be stored until the claim has been settled or legally resolved. The customer can at any time request access to information stored about himself/herself. The customer can at any time request the erasure of stored information about himself/herself. The customer then consents to any consequences this may have for the implementation of the agreement.

Upon termination of the agreement, all data will be erased in accordance with the current rules relating to data protection and accounting. Upon entering into this agreement, the customer consents to the transfer of transit data between the issuer and operator when processing any complaints related to transits.

Transit data will be anonymised and used for traffic statistics.


How do I lodge a complaint?

Claims about ferry tickets must be lodged no later than 30 days after the customer was informed about the amount charged. Complaints/claims must be directed to Skyttel AS –, not to the Troms og Finnmark County Council, Troms Fylkestrafikk or Snelandia.


More information

Information about national AutoPASS fare scale for ferries (in Norwegian only): 1387782 (

AutoPASS fare scale for ferries (pricing tables): 1387783 (





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