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If you use our Travel Card (Tromskortet) or Troms Billett you will always get the best fares on your public transport ticket with Troms fylkestrafikk. Our payment solutions also help to ensure that boarding and ticketing is fast and efficient. Download Troms Billett here.


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 South Troms  Tromsø Area & Senja  North Troms

 Revsnes - Flesnes

 Hansnes - Karlsøy

 Breivikeidet - Svendby

 Stangnes - Sørrollnes

 Hansnes - Reinøy

 Lyngseidet - Olderdalen

 Stornes - Bjørnerå

 Hansnes - Vannøy (Skåningsbukt)

 Breivikeidet - Olderdalen



 Karlsøy - Vannøy (Skåningsbukt)

 Storstein - Lauksundskaret



 Belvik - Vengsøy

 Storstein - Nikkeby



 Vengsøy - Musvær - Risøy - Mjølvik 
 (Lokabåtfunksjon med personbillettering)

 Nikkeby - Lauksundskaret


 Mikkelvik (Mariagården) - Bromnes

 Rotsund - Havnnes

     Brensholmen - Botnhamn

 Rotsund - Uløybukt


 Andenes - Gryllefjord
 (Andøya i Nordland-Senja i Troms) *

 Havnnes - Uløybukt

*) Sesong starter 19. juni / Season starts June 19

Fare System On Ferry

Only vehicles pay on ferry

Only vehicles are ticketed on ferries in Troms and Finnmark, but all travelers must be acounted for by our ticket inspectors.

Bicycles, wheelchairs and cars purchased with support from NAV travel for free with the ferries in Troms and Finnmark, but must be acounted for by our ticket inspectors, cf. requirements from the Norwegian Maritime Directorate.

How long is the ticket valid?

For ferries, the ticket is valid for 45 minutes from the time of purchase.
The duration of the ticket on the Lyngen and Ullsfjord ferries is 4 hours.

How to pay on the ferry

You can pay with our Ticket App (Troms Billett), our Travel Card (Tromskortet) or by credit/debit card or cash. Please note that you receive a 20% discount by paying with our Ticket App (Troms Billett) or our Travel Card (Tromskortet). There is no requirement for prepayment of a certain amount on our Travel Card (Tromskortet), only that you have coverage for the ticket on your method of payment.

The Troms fylkestrafikk ferries follow the fare tables for the national highway ferry regulations, which are set by the Norwegian Directorate of Public Roads.

How is the fare calculated?

The fare depends on the length of the ferry route and the total length of the vehicle / vehicle including cargo. There is a ferry zone (fare surcharge) for each kilometer. The number of zones for each ferry connection is in the fare table.

Is there transfer between ferry and bus, or ferry to ferry?

There is no transfer discount between ferry and bus, or between two ferries, but in some cases combined ticket can be purchased where it is natural to use two ferry connections. An example of this is Breivikeidet - Svensby and Lyngseidet - Olderdalen.

Can you pay with Autopass?

It is not possible to pay by Autopass chip or Autopass ferry card in Troms and Finnmark.

Is there a payment solution for businesses?

Registered companies can get their own discount schemes on ferry, read more about it here.

Passenger tickets only on summer ferries

NB! The summer ferries Brensholmen - Botnhamn and Andenes - Gryllefjord do not receive state subsidies and therefore have their own pricing systems. You can pay with our Ticket App (Troms Billett) or our Travel Card (Tromskortet) to get a discount, but the prices are higher than for stretches of the same length and people are also ticketed on these connections.

Tickets purchased from Troms fylkestrafikk only apply in Troms and the same goes with Snelandia in Finnmark. This applies to both single tickets and period tickets.

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