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Fares on ferries in Troms 2019

Summer ferry 2019 Botnhamn-Brensholmen (Senja-Tromsø)     (26.04.19 - 08.09.19)
Summer ferry 2019 Andenes-Gryllefjord (Andøya - Senja)         (15.05.19 - 01.09.19) 
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Ferries: The only vehicles that may reserve space on specific ferry crossings in Troms are buses. For other vehicles, the position of your vehicle in the queueing lanes at the quay determines whether there is space for you or not, or if you need to wait for the next departure.
If you are reliant on catching a specific departure, we recommend arriving well in advance. Important note to drivers: If you leave your vehicle after entering the queueing lane, in the interests of safety and security you must maintain visual contact with your vehicle.

Are you paying for a car + trailer via the mobile app Troms Mobillett? Calculate the total length incl. any protruding cargo. Purchase 1, 2 or 3 single tickets (up to 6.0 m each) depending on the total length.

 All ferries in one go

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 South Troms  Tromsø area  North Troms

 Revsnes - Flesnes

 Hansnes - Karlsøy

 Breivikeidet - Svendby


 Hansnes - Reinøy (Reinskard)

 Lyngseidet - Olderdalen

 Stornes - Bjørnerå

 Hansnes - Vannøy (Skåningsbukt)

 Breivikeidet - Olderdalen *



 Karlsøy - Vannøy (Skåningsbukt)

 Storstein - Lauksundskaret



 Bellvik - Vengsøy

 Storstein - Nikkeby



 Vengsøy - Musvær - Risøy - Mjølvik 
 (Local boat with person ticketting)

 Nikkeby - Lauksundskaret


 Mikkelvik (Mariagården) - Bromnes

 Rotsund - Havnnes

    Brensholmen-Botnhamn (Tromsø-Senja)

 Havnnes - Uløybukt


 Rotsund - Uløybukt

* The combined ticket (which includes both ferries across the Lyngenfjord and Ullsfjord) may only be purchased on our mobile app Troms Mobillett.


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