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Express boat fares in Troms (2019)

If you use our mobile ticket app Troms Mobillett or travel card Tromskortet to pay for your express boat ticket, you will always get the cheapest fare.

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Skjervøy-Kvænangen, Skjervøy-Vorterøy
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Bikes on our express boats in Troms County:

You are permitted to bring one bicycle (including bike trailer) per paying passenger, if space permits. Such decisions are made by the crew on board the express boat.

The fare is NOK 60 per bike and NOK per bike trailer on route 2 Tromsø-Finnsnes-Harstad (regardless of the distance travelled). On other express boat routes, each paying passenger is permitted to bring one bike free of charge.

A free transfer applies for the passenger and his/her bike on any local city bus in Tromsø, Finnsnes and Harstad (one zone) within 60 minutes of arriving by express boat. Again, this only applies if space permits.  

Express boats in Tromsø harbour (March 2019)

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